Our Story

The holster story started in Noosa in 2001.

Initially, founders Ben Nothling and Natalie Miller began crafting a range of jelly sandals and espadrilles and, following this vision, have been creating, innovating and improving designs each season. This has morphed into a fully fledged line of vegan, transseasonal footwear for women and children.

Ben, whose great-great-great-grandfather is the renowned David Jones, works closely with holster manufacturers on the technical aspects of new designs. Natalie, born and bred in Noosa and authentically a beach girl at heart, is the creative genius behind the innovative styles, colours and patterns seen in each collection. They are passionate about growing the brand’s global reach, focusing on innovation, construction and design whilst aligning with their core principles of being sustainable and vegan.

As parents, they are acutely aware of the environmental impact on future generations. As such, one of their key principles is to be a sustainable company by reducing holster’s ecological footprint including utilising recycled materials for packaging.

Their aim to inspire people to take a step in the right direction by embracing stylish, sustainable, vegan and cruelty-free footwear is backed by a design and development team committed to a vegan protocol. It’s essential to not harm animals or take shortcuts during production. Embracing this ethical philosophy has created 100% vegan footwear – registered with the Vegan Society UK.

Based at beautiful Noosa Beach, holster embodies an idyllic coastal lifestyle by designing shoes that are beautiful, sustainable and wearable. holster footwear is good for your soles and for the planet.

Today, holster's dedication to sharing its message is stronger than ever, with a mission to inspire people to choose vegan footwear that causes no harm to animals. By choosing holster, you choose cruelty-free and we thank you.

Join the holster trend and “take a step in the right direction with holster”.