General Information

Product Information

Our unique range of ladies and children’s footwear has some amazing features and benefits that are sure to impress. 
  • We offer a large range of colours (sorry, we know this can make your selection harder).
  • Our footwear is incredibly functional – they can see you through a day at the beach to sunset drinks at the cocktail bar.
  • All holster shoes are cruelty-free and devoid of animal products, making them vegan friendly. Furthermore, since 2017, holster has been approved by PETA Approved, for producing cruelty-free vegan fashion.
  • We use only A-grade jewels, studs and embellishments to add that essential holster sparkle.
  • Many of our styles offer great foot support and incredibly soft, comfortable insoles.
  • All shoe boxes are recyclable and our packaging is made from recycled materials where possible.


  • We devote extensive time to our design phase, ensuring you receive the ultimate in comfort, style and durability.
  • With every season and range, and for every style we create, we are constantly hunting the globe for the newest and most innovative techniques and materials for use in our shoe constructions.
  • From our humble beginnings, we have now evolved to using cutting edge testing and design processes to ensure maximum comfort and quality.
  • All shoe boxes are recyclable and packaging is made from recycled materials where possible.

 Sneakers & Canvas

  • We use vegan friendly materials including recycled ocean plastics, jute, rubber, canvas, cotton, fly-knit and man-made fabrics.
  • Recycled sneakers are certified by Global Recycled Standard. 10x600ml water bottles produce one pair of sneaker uppers.
  • Super comfortable EVA foam insoles, with breathable cotton, offer exceptional cushioning and air flow.
  • PU foam insoles feature anti-mould and anti-bacterial properties. They maintain 95% memory over their life cycle which makes it softer over a long period of time while maintaining shape and cushioning. Additionally, they allow air in and around the insole to keep feet cooler.
  • Vulcanised sneakers and slip-ons feature superior grip outsoles.
  • Sneakers can be spot cleaned using mild soap and water – take extra care to not use harsh chemicals on uppers.
  • To keep white outsoles fresh and bright, we recommend using white toothpaste or Gumption paste - a uniquely Australian multi-purpose cleaning product.
  • Athleisure sneaker styles feature strobel construction, which is specifically designed for most athletic footwear due to its higher flexibility and endurance.

 Flats, Wedges & Espadrilles

  • Our flats and wedges use a soft and flexible PVC injection, making them extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Take your comfort experience to the next level with our super-soft latex foam insole style options.
  • All of our jellies are odour resistant and produced from worldwide patented moulds, exclusive to holster.
  • Jelly PVC sandals are classified as a recyclable material (Phase #3 PVC if you want to get technical).
  • Our flats and wedges can be cleaned with mild soap and water, making them the lowest maintenance footwear around!
  • holster utilises REACH compliant PVC. This means we do not (and never have or will) use toxic PVC in our shoes. By wearing holsters, you can breathe easy that you are not exposing yourself or your children to toxins and chemicals used in other non-compliant footwear. If you are interested to read more about REACH, click here to see certified documentation. In addition, you can email here.

Be Safe

We want you to be out of harm’s way whilst wearing our shoes, so please keep the following in mind:

  • holsters are versatile but ideally, we are a fashion brand. They are not designed for marathon running, jumping or other high impact activities (slow dancing on the boardwalk under a full moon is okay).
  • When wearing your holsters on wet, slippery or sloping surfaces, please take extra care.
  • holsters are not designed to be worn in mud or water (particularly salt water, as it can be corrosive to our signature sparkly embellishments).
  • New jelly shoes may be slightly slippery until they have been worn in and/or scuffed.
Keep an eye out for wear and tear as over time, grip can be reduced and it may be time to get yourself a new pair of holsters!