Distribution & Retail Opportunities

Australian and proud, holster is one of the world’s leading vegan friendly footwear brands based in beautiful Noosa Beach. Our mission is to inspire people to take a step in the right direction by choosing cruelty free footwear.

Since our inception in 2001, we have enjoyed global success in ladies and children’s jelly footwear and espadrilles and are also experiencing unparalleled success with our expanding range of glam and athleisure sneakers. The brand has flourished due to our broad market appeal. From babies and teens, to fashionistas, ladies of leisure and mature women, holster’s loyal fans are dedicated, passionate advocates of the brand.

One of our key principles is to be sustainable and use our influence to prevent animal cruelty. Our design and development team is committed to a vegan protocol with no harm to animals or any shortcuts taken during production. Embracing this ethical philosophy has created 100% vegan footwear, approved by industry body, PETA.

The quality control team oversee bulk production, check materials on arrival at the factory, and inspect the shoes during assembly. holster then turns to SATRA for vigorous testing of grip, durability and strength, ensuring holster shoes are of the highest standard. We care about our customer’s health, which is why we use REACH PVC and TPU, certified by SATRA. We care about the environment and reduce our ecological footprint by utilising recycled materials where possible for packaging and at holster HQ.

Our professional export team assist distributors on a daily basis to help grow business in their region, providing marketing, social media and graphic design assets, expertise and digital know how. From the first design sketch through to delivery of the finished product, holster is involved in every step of the supply chain and, for two decades, has built a worldwide reputation for designing and marketing unique, stylish, comfortable footwear at great value.

holster’s goal is to become the brand leader in contemporary casual chic footwear in the medium-high price range worldwide. We are continually seeking ambitious and experienced international distribution partners who share our strategic philosophy and would like to open holster retail or online stores in new and expanding markets.

Retail Licensee Requirements

  • Proven experience owning and operating retail stores
  • Success in the footwear and apparel industries
  • Financial stability to support the opening and operation of multiple locations
  • Access to prime real estate
  • Knowledge and merchandise experience to pinpoint local preferences

Are you interested in becoming a holster distribution partner? We have a few countries on the radar.  Enquire about your region by completing the enquiry form below.