Introducing Blaze

We know you want to be just as comfortable as Serena Williams wearing sneakers to her #harryandmeghan’s wedding reception so we’ve developed Blaze, a sleek, ankle hugging silhouette with metallic knitted sock upper and super light sole for a sporty, flexible yet fashionable finish.

So how do you wear it? Stick with a single solid hue and keep the contrast to a minimum, and you’ll have a pair of sneakers you can slip into no matter what you’re wearing above your ankles. Our pick: Cropped white denim with chunky knits and fedora.

Why you’ll love it? The elevated heel and pronounced toe spring allows for a natural rolling motion when you walk and the flexible and breathable knitted upper shapes and moulds to the foot like a sock so you can ensure your feet are destined for comfort and support.

Who can wear it? All Blaze colours are available in sizes 5-11. Blaze Nickel and Black are also available in sizes 12 and 13.


Take a closer look at our new Blaze Flyknit SneakerFeatures Video click to play

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